Houston native Carrier focused on Hokies, Harvey


Tyron Carrier is preparing to lead the West Virginia University receivers against Virginia Tech in the season opener, but for much of the past week, his head and his heart have been halfway across the country.

Carrier is a Houston native, and as worried as he may be about the Hokies, he has been far more concerned about Harvey.

The hurricane that struck Texas and left many without a place to live as flood waters continue to rise in the days since has led to sleepless nights for the second year WVU assistant coach.

“It’s crazy,” Carrier said, shaking his head. “My whole family is down there. My wife’s whole family is down there. We had family members [who] had to get rescued, we had a couple of them at hotels, it’s just crazy. I’ve got friends sleeping on the top of roofs. It’s crazy.”

Harvey made landfall late Friday evening as a Category 4 hurricane and Carrier says it was a couple of days before he could confirm that all of his family and friends were safe and accounted for.

As he prepares for the start of his second fall with the Mountaineers, Carrier has been trying to balance his focus personally and professionally as those back home deal with a situation far more important than the results of a football game.

“The lack of sleep helped me watch film a little bit more,” Carrier said with a wry smile. “You’ve got to keep yourself busy. Biggest concern is my wife. She’s pregnant and she’s concerned about everybody. But I just work, so I keep myself busy.”

Carrier and his wife, Alysha, are expecting their third child in September.

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