Coach Brown, TJ Simmons and Colton McKivitz: Here’s what you missed in this week’s Neal Brown Show

The Neal Brown Show

The Mountaineers faced the now 9-0 Baylor Bears in Waco on Halloween night. The Bears were able to pull off a 17-14 win over the Mountaineers. In this week’s Neal Brown Show, hosts Nick Farrell, Anjelica Trinone, Tony Caridi and Dale “Wolfman” Wolfley bring you coverage from Waco. We’ll have a sit-down with TJ Simmons, and we’ll catch up with Colton McKivitz at his favorite fishing hole in this week’s Life of a Mountaineer, presented by WVU Athletics.

In the first of two Coaches Corner segment, Coach Brown is at the podium during his press conference after the loss against Baylor. Brown says “our kids really competed”, despite being an 18/19 point underdog going into the contest. Some high points from the game include: Fr. WR Winston Wright’s  touchdown during a punt return, and George Campbell’s recovery from a Baylor fumble. See more of Brown’s press conference in the first Coaches Corner, sponsored by Encova Insurance:

Nick and Anjelica bring you coverage from the game in Waco in this week’s ‘Eer to ‘Eer. They discuss the positives and negatives from this week’s game. Nick and Anjelica will also bring you keys to winning games in November, sponsored by Astorg Auto of Charleston:

Nick brings you a recap of the game against Baylor, and Sr. defensive lineman Reese Donahue’s thoughts on the game. Nick will also bring you an update on the Mountaineers remainder of the season in the Central Van & Storage Moving Ahead Schedule:

Anjelica brings you the final word from Coach Brown after his press conference of the Baylor game. The Final Word is sponsored by Lester Raines Honda:

In this week’s Wolf’s Den, Wolfman is joined by Little General Stores President Greg Darby. Little General launched the Kickoff for Kids Campaign to raise money for WVU Medicine Children’s. Little General stores donated $55,000 to WVU Medicine Children’s. Darby also discusses the Fish Fry Fundraiser with basketball coach, Bob Huggins to support the Norma Mae Huggins Cancer Research Endowment Fund. Darby also discusses other contributions Little General has made throughout the community. All this and more on this week’s Wolf’s Den. 

Colton McKivitz has been a leader on the field for the offensive line. In this week’s Life of a Mountaineer provided by WVU Athletics, we take a look at what McKivitz does in his spare time off the field, fishing. McKivitz takes us to one of his favorite spots to talk football and fishing and what both mean to him. We welcome back Wolfman to bring you Jacqueline’s Fine Jewelry ‘Play of the Week’ which also happens to be McKivitz, and his impact during the game against Kansas:

Redshirt junior wide receiver TJ Simmons joins the program to discuss the impact he’s made in the past few games for the Mountaineers. Simmons also discusses his relationship with QB Austin Kendall on the field, and how he’s been a go-to guy for Kendall. Simmons discusses how his leadership is impacting the young receiving core to step up for the Mountaineers. Simmons will also dive into how his life has changed since becoming a father, and how he’s time managed with being a student athlete and a father:

In the second Coaches Corner segment, Tony and Coach Brown discuss recruiting for the 2020 and 2021 season. Brown discusses how fan participation is important for recruiting visits to show the game atmosphere, and how that will be important for the Texas Tech game when recruits will be attending. Brown touches on other factors that go into recruiting. Brown will also discuss which certain positions need signed for the upcoming seasons. All this and more in the second Coaches Corner segment, sponsored by Encova Insurance:

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