WATCH: Mazey, players react to devastating regional loss

WVU Baseball

It’s hard to envision a more stunning end to an incredible season for WVU baseball. 

A weekend filled with excitement and energy started with a 6-1 win over Fordham in West Virginia’s first home NCAA Regional in 64 years. It ended when the Moountaineers allowed a walk-off grand slam on their own turf, capping an unlikely Texas A&M comeback. 

The Mountaineers fell 11-10 to bow out of the Morgantown Regional, and after the game, head coach Randy Mazey was understandably shocked, but still attempted to teach his players in a heartbreaking moment: 

Outfielder Darius Hill and third baseman Kevin Brophy made major contributions in the contest, which saw WVU lead by as many as eight runs. The tandem reflected on the game, as well as the season as a whole, afterward: 

West Virginia’s season concludes with a 38-22 overall record. 

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