Chase Harler signs professional contract with Lithuania’s Palangos Kuršiai

WVU Men's Basketball

It appears the ball is going to bounce a little longer for Chase Harler after signing a professional contract with Lithuania’s Palangos Kursiai.

Harler will be competing in the National Basketball League (NKL), the second-tier league in Lithuania.

“Super excited for the opportunity!” Harler exclaimed on social media.

The Moundsville, West Virginia native expressed an interest at a possible professional career before his final game with WVU, while also musing the possibility of coaching down the road.

“I’d love to get into coaching,” Harler said in March, “[but] I’m going to try to see how long the ball bounces.”

The 6-3 guard was a senior leader for the Mountaineers in their 2019-20 campaign, appearing in all 31 games and averaging 4.4 points per contest. In his four-year career, Harler logged 406 points, 105 rebounds, 101 assists and 48 steals across 116 games.

His career was capped off with a successful proposal to his now-fiancee, Lyndsey, as well as an upset victory over No. 4 Baylor at the WVU Coliseum.

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