Roster Review: Chase Harler

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Chase Harler didn’t quite get the chance to make his third NCAA Tournament appearance this year, but he did end his career with a ring.

The senior from Moundsville capped off an eventful career in the Old Gold and Blue by dropping to a knee and proposing to his now-fiancee Lyndsey, who he’s been dating since they were in eighth grade. But leading up to that day, Harler showed off throughout the season why his head coach described him as “invaluable.”

“I’ve definitely had a roller-coaster career I would say. Being a part of two Sweet Sixteen teams was great, getting to see how Tarik [Phillip] and Teyvon [Myers], JC [Jevon Carter] and Dax [Miles] lead, kind of experiencing that,” Harler said ahead of Senior Day. “Obviously, my junior year was kind of a low point…but I think kind of just seeing what it takes to be a really good teammate, and see what happens when you’re not a good teammate, I think that’s kind of prepared me to share my experiences for this year as much as I can.”

Harler averaged just 4.4 points per game, but much of his impact came from outside of the box score. Coming off the bench with the most playing experience on the team, he helped younger players develop and provided valuable minutes of relief to those in the starting five.

Fans will remember his celebratory facial expressions, as well as his ability to knock down some game-changing three-pointers, like he did against No. 2 Ohio State in December and Iowa State earlier this month.

In total, Harler checked in to 116 games, dropped 406 points and made two trips to the Sweet Sixteen in 2017 and 2018.

As he said, Harler learned a lot in his four years in Morgantown — but if he were to go back and do it again, he has one piece of advice for himself.

“Just take a deep breath,” he said. “I was so, I don’t want to say nervous, but I was so concerned about what everyone else was thinking at the time, you know? If I would miss a shot I would kind of overthink it at times, where it really wasn’t that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. But just take a deep breath, and I think as I’ve grown throughout my career, I’ve gotten comfortable with my own skin.”

Harler says he wants to “see how long the ball bounces” in his career after WVU, but after trying professionally, he hopes to get into coaching.

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