With increased depth, WVU women’s hoops prepares for Europe trip

WVU Basketball

West Virginia women’s hoops is reloaded after catching a case of the injury bug last season.

While injuries are common, their effect on last season’s Mountaineers was quite exceptional, depleting their depth and preventing Mike Carey to go deep into his bench. Starters like Naomi Davenport and Tynice Martin would have to pick up the slack, even playing entire games for the Mountaineers.

They hope this won’t be as much of an issue heading into this season, having added significant depth to their bench. In their second game of the 2019 WNIT, the Mountaineers put only seven players on the floor. But this year, they boast seven guards alone.

As the leave for Europe on Sunday, they will get to put this new depth into practice against the Dutch and Greek national teams when they depart for Italy and Greece, an overseas trip which will be a first for players like Lucky Rudd and Kari Niblack.

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