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GAME: The Dukes are unable to get any offense going as the clock runs out.

0:58: DiNucci finds one of his receivers for a big gain, but a holding call drives the Dukes back to their 42-yard line — setting up 1st and 20.

1:08: A false start penalty sets up 3rd and 10 for West Virginia, but Sam James is unable to bring the pass in at the first down marker. Mountaineers punt.

3:13: DiNucci finds Austin Douglas for a 7-yard gain, but that’s not enough. They send out their punting unit. (Note: the Dukes are out of timeouts)

3:26: A couple of great defensive plays — including a sack from Darius Stills — puts the Dukes at 3rd and 15. They call timeout.

4:08: JMU starts their drive off from the 20.

4:16: West Virginia goes three-and-out before JMU calls a 30-second timeout. WVU will punt from their own 40.

4:33: JMU sends the kickoff out of bounds, giving West Virginia a drive start from their own 35.

WVU 20, JMU 13 — 4:33: West Virginia is finally able to get the stop on third down, forcing the Dukes to bring out their field goal team. Ratke makes his second field goal of the game.

6:48: DiNucci is able to convert on another 3rd and long, this time finding Dean.

7:30: The Mountaineers force a 3rd and long, but DiNucci is able to find Brandon Polk for a big first down.

8:37: JMU gets to start their drive from their own 35.

TOUCHDOWN!! WVU 20, JMU 10 — 8:43: Tevin Bush makes the grab in the end zone to put the Mountaineers up 20-10.

10:08: PICKED OFF! Keith Washington gets his first interception of the season as DiNucci gives it away under pressure. Mountaineers start from the JMU 30.

10:20: James Madison gets their drive started from their own 28 yard line.

WVU 13, JMU 10 — 10:26: West Virginia is held outside of the red zone again, but they come away with points. Staley nails the 38-yarder to put West Virginia back in front.

12:22: The Mountaineers get the first down coming out of the timeout from a quick pass to Sam James, his fifth. James is now tied with TJ Simmons for most receptions among wide receivers.

12:30: West Virginia calls their first timeout.

13:21: Kendall and Ryan turn a 2nd and long into a 3rd and 1 with a big play to the sticks. They are unable to convert after Martell Pettaway is stuffed at the line for a yard loss.

15:00: Kendall rolls out and drops one in to Tevin Bush for the 13-yard gain and the first down.


0:01: With a second left, the Mountaineers run a play to end the quarter — a flare pass from Kendall to Alec Sinkfield. It’s dropped, no gain.

0:40: Dante Stills busts through the line on third down to get the sack inside JMU’s own red zone. Dukes set to punt for their 4th punt of the game. Mountaineers get the ball on their own 44.

1:55: JMU gets their next offensive opportunity from their own 19 after the Mountaineer punt.

2:29: West Virginia gets methodical, opting for short-yardage runs and passes to get to around midfield. A false start penalty turns 3rd and 2 into 3rd and long, which they are unable to convert. WVU punts.

6:27: The Mountaineers get their drive started from their own 21.

WVU 10, JMU 10 — 6:34: JMU’s Ethan Ratke hits the 29-yard attempt to tie up the ballgame.

7:10: Reuben Jones gets the sack for WVU on 2nd and goal, setting up 3rd and goal from the 12 for the Dukes. On third, DiNucci goes for the end zone but the pass is broken up by Hakeem Bailey.

10:00: Taijh Alston gets his first sack as a Mountaineer, which puts the Dukes at 3rd and 12. On the next play, DiNucci drops back but tucks and runs for a 17-yard gain and a first down.

11:08: DiNucci finds Kyndel Dean for a 29-yard gain, putting the Dukes in enemy territory again.

11:30: The Dukes run three consecutive plays on the ground and are able to get the first down on 3rd and 1.

12:32: JMU starts their first drive of the third quarter on their own 25.

WVU 10, JMU 7 — 12:32: WEST VIRGINIA TOUCHDOWN! Kendall finds George Campbell up the right sideline for a 28-yard touchdown. Staley converts the PAT.

13:30: Sean Ryan gets the Mountaineers within firing range with a 19-yard reception.

14:56: Tevin Bush gives the Mountaineers a quick start with a 41-yard gain on first down, setting WVU up on the JMU 41.

Halftime stats/notes:


END: James Madison takes their lead into halftime, currently holding a 7-3 advantage over West Virginia.

0:41: Another three-and-out from West Virginia gives JMU the ball on the Dukes’ 38.

1:40: West Virginia is able to stop the Dukes before they can convert a first down, giving the ball back to the Mountaineer offense. They’ll take over from the WVU 18.

2:37: Mountaineers go three-and-out. Dukes to take over on the WVU 39.

3:16: JMU is unable to convert on third down, bringing up what may be one more shot for the Mountaineers to get points on the board in the first half.

4:37: The Mountaineers were able to get some yardage, but penalties and losses force them to punt before they cross midfield. Dukes will take over on their own 33.

6:21: THEY GET THE STOP! West Virginia is able to hold JMU on the 14 yard line, and block the subsequent field goal attempt from the Dukes. West Virginia will take over on their own 20.

9:11: The Mountaineers were able to get Austin Douglas for a 10-yard loss, but DiNucci busts through the pocket to make it all back (and then some) in a 22-yard rush.

10:05: The Dukes are rolling again. After starting on their own 25, they’ve pushed forward to the WVU 37 — once again knocking on the scoring door.

JMU 7, WVU 3 — 12:33: After WVU fails to convert on first down, Staley trots on and makes his second attempt of the game.

12:44: It’s 3rd and 9 from the JMU 21 for the Mountaineers, who are trying to get into the red zone for the first time this game.

15:00: Starting off the second quarter, Kendall again finds Simmons, this time for an 11 yard gain.


1:42: After struggling to move the ball on the ground for the first two downs, Kendall throws to Simmons over the middle for a 20 yard gain over the middle. Kennedy McKoy gets the nod for the last play of the quarter, getting an addition 5 yards to end the quarter.

JMU 7, WVU 0 — 1:47: The Dukes’ offense got rolling big time this drive, starting off with four rushes to chip away at their field position. Two consecutive 21-yard passes from DiNucci would set up the 9-yard touchdown run from Solomon Vanhorse.

West Virginia comes out of the timeout and is unable to convert on third down. Kendall drops back, looks right and throws, but he is hit as he throws and the ball falls incomplete.

4:40: West Virginia calls their first timeout.

5:30: Kendall gets the first first down of his Mountaineer career with a completed pass over the middle to TJ Simmons. They try to follow it up with a deep ball to Bryce Wheaton, but it falls just out of his reach.

7:15: WEST VIRGINIA GETS THE STOP! JMU’s Percy Agyei-Obese fumbles the ball and it’s picked up by Dylan Tonkery on the Mountaineers’ 36 yard line.

8:14: The Dukes are getting in a groove. Switching between run and pass plays this drive, JMU has been able to move the ball on the ground and through the air.

9:43: JMU takes over on the 32 yard line. Ben DiNucci gets the game’s first first down after connecting with Kendall Dean.

9:50: Another three-and-out for West Virginia forces Neal Brown to call on the services of Evan Staley, who is unable to convert from 49 yards out.

11:13: Josh Growden’s punt is MUFFED by Justin Ritter and recovered by the Mountaineers on JMU’s 33-yard line.

13:04: Austin Kendall drops back to pass three times in his opening drive and connects all three times — but they don’t gain enough ground to get the first down.

14:56: The Dukes go three and out in their first drive, running the ball on all three plays. Punter Harry O’Kelly is able to flip the ball to the Mountaineers’ 30 yard line.

JMU’s Brandon Polk takes the kick in the end zone and runs it to the 22 yard line.

COIN TOSS: West Virginia wins the toss, but elects to defer. JMU will receive the opening kickoff.

College football season is upon us. West Virginia is kicking off their 2019 campaign against the visiting James Madison Dukes, one of the top teams in FCS football. We will have live updates from Milan Puskar Stadium as the game unfolds.

Quick depth chart update for the Mountaineers: running back Leddie Brown is OUT today with an injury.

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