LIVE BLOG: NC State (2-0) at West Virginia (1-1)

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FINAL: West Virginia defeats NC State, 44-27. Both teams move to 2-1 on the season.

TOUCHDOWN WEST VIRGINIA (44-27, 3:04): Welcome to 2019, Leddie Brown! The running back finds paydirt on his debut to put West Virginia up 44-27.

4:48: NC State is held in their own territory, and are unable to convert on fourth down. Mountaineers will start on the Wolfpack 23.

6:42: West Virginia moves the ball, but is still forced to punt. Growden again pins NC State dip within their own territory, giving them the start on the 7. The Wolfpack have two timeouts as they look to mount a comeback.

9:38: NC State tries to get moving, but are stopped for a 4th down. They go for it, but end up turning it over to the Mountaineers.

TOUCHDOWN WEST VIRGINIA (38-27, 12:24): Another long drive from the Mountaineers is capped off by a touchdown, this time a 9-yard pass to Ali Jennings from Kendall. The Mountaineers again capitalized on penalties and were able to alternate the pass and run to move down the field.

FIELD GOAL NC STATE (31-27, 0:10): West Virginia holds NC State to a field goal — a 37-yard attempt from Dunn that is made.

1:31: Before West Virginia is really able to get a drive going, Kendall is intercepted by linebacker Drake Thomas.

FIELD GOAL NC STATE (31-24, 2:14): The Wolfpack had to fight their way into field goal range, earning themselves a shot at a field goal. Chris Dunn makes it from 41 yards.

TOUCHDOWN WEST VIRGINIA (31-21, 6:24): It took West Virginia just three plays to get to pay dirt from the NC State 12-yard line. Kennedy McKoy gets his second touchdown of the game, a 5-yard run on the left side of the line.

6:51: BLOCKED!! West Virginia’s defense brings out the NC State punting unit once again, but this time, Logan Thimons busts through to block the kick. Exree Loe recovers the blocked kick, and the Mountaineers are already in the red zone.

8:33: The Mountaineers drive down the field for four plays and 29 yards, but are forced to punt. Growden again puts the ‘Pack in deep territory.

9:42: West Virginia gets another NC State 3-and-out, forcing the punt. WVU fair catches on their own 32.

FIELD GOAL WEST VIRGINIA (24-21, 10:42): The Mountaineer offense once again comes out firing, capitalizing on penalties and big plays to get inside the NC State 10. They can’t finish it, though, and Evan Staley comes on to put WVU in front by a field goal.

West Virginia starts with the ball in the second half.


HALFTIME: Both teams head to the locker room tied at 21.

TOUCHDOWN WEST VIRGINIA (21-21, :34): West Virginia answers. The Mountaineers drive 75 yards down the field to set up George Campbell’s first catch of the game: a 13-yard grab for a touchdown.

TOUCHDOWN NC STATE (21-14, 3:13): NC State is able to find soft spots in West Virginia’s coverage to march down the field. They are able to find the end zone off a trick play involving wide receiver Thayer Thomas passing to Cary Angeline.

6:19: West Virginia tries the hard count on fourth down, but instead take a delay of game penalty. Growden and the punting unit take the field and pin the ‘Pack on their 8.

TIMEOUT, West Virginia (6:26): West Virginia has been able to move the ball down the field, but the Wolfpack defense stops them at the NC State 37 — four yards short of the first down marker.

8:54: The Wolfpack stall and go 3-and-out, and their poor field position works in favor of West Virginia. The Mountaineers get to start on their own 45.

9:34: The Mountaineers are able to move the ball again, but penalties set them back and force a punt. Growden uses his leg once again to manipulate field position, pinning NC State back to their own 7.

TOUCHDOWN NC STATE (14-14, 12:11): The Wolfpack pick up right where they left off in the first quarter to close out their 12-play 80-yard drive with a 1-yard touchdown rush from Jordan Houston.

West Virginia struggled to stop NC State on this drive, as the Wolfpack was able to switch it up between the pass and the run.


END 1Q: West Virginia will take their 14-7 lead into the second quarter as NC State has the ball.

2:25: Two missed passes and a sack force West Virginia to punt the ball. Josh Growden flips the field on NC State, forcing them to start on their own 20.

3:25: West Virginia forces the 3-and-out in enemy territory and get NC State to punt. An unnecessary roughness penalty against the Wolfpack gives the Mountaineers the ball on their own 47.

TOUCHDOWN WEST VIRGINIA (14-7, 3:54): The West Virginia offense is ROLLING in the first quarter. Kennedy McKoy caps off a 4-play, 75-yard drive with a burst of speed and a 23-yard touchdown.

TOUCHDOWN NC STATE (7-7, 4:49): NC State capitalizes on the penalties and gets in for the touchdown. Thayer Thomas catches the red zone ball from McKay to score the 8-yard touchdown.

5:44: Keith Washington picks up the Mountaineers’ second personal foul of the drive, which will put NC State on the 5 yard line.

8:33: WVU safety Josh Norwood gets flagged for targeting and is ejected from the game.

TOUCHDOWN WEST VIRGINIA (7-0, 9:06): Sam James caps off the opening drive with a tough 20-yard reception for a touchdown. The Mountaineer offense looked greatly improved from the week before.

11:14: Dante Stills comes off the edge HARD to sack NC State quarterback Matthew McKay. Wolfpack kicker Chris Dunn misses the ensuing 51-yard field goal short.

The Mountaineers looked stout on defense, and were able to make a lot of disruptions. Unfortunately, a costly penalty turned what could have been a 3-and-out into nearly a score for NC State.

13:47: West Virginia nearly forces a 3-and-out behind the strength of their defensive line, but a roughing the passer penalty from Reuben Jones gives the Wolfpack a first down.


The Mountaineers are about to kick off against NC State for their third match-up of the season.

Ahead of kickoff, it was announced that West Virginia will be without Josh Sills (injury), Mike Brown (illness) and Tevin Bush (suspension).

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