Long goes to the Titans in the 6th round

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The Tennessee Titans have themselves a new linebacker.

With the 188th pick in the NFL Draft, the Titans brought on David Long from WVU. Long attracted teams across the league as both an inside and outside linebacker. While many pundits say he is undersized, changing trends in the NFL favor Long’s capabilities.

“It’s definitely exciting. A kid like me, getting real close to their dreams, but it’s definitely been an experience, training and stuff, coming out here and putting your best foot forward. It’s a big thing for everybody,” said Long before the draft. “It’s been here and there, but I’ve enjoyed the process.” 

Long had a decorated career at WVU, punctuating his final season with a Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year nod.

He will go on to join the no. 8 defense in the NFL, hoping to bolster their bottom-half rushing defense.

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