VIDEO: Hear how the Mountaineers are feeling after their sixth practice

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West Virginia football just wrapped up their sixth practice of fall camp, which means the Mountaineers are starting to figure out their roles in the squad. Although this year’s running back corps is nearly identical to last year’s, the new coaching staff is reportedly testing out different roles for some players, like Alec Sinkfield.

The Mountaineers also took a trip over to the Leer Mining Complex in Grafton, West Virginia to better understand what it means to represent the Mountain State and its heritage. Sam James, a freshman wide receiver, saw this as a unique experience to learn not only the history but also the process of coal mining.

Heading into this season, a lot of defensive players — like Darius Stills, Dylan Tonkery and Keith Washington — are seeing increased roles from the season before. Now that he’s on the field rather than the sideline, Tonkery says it’s a great feeling to see that increased playing time.

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