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Senior defensive lineman Reese Donahue is one of West Virginia’s most experienced players. He said he has noticed major improvements throughout the team over the last few weeks. 

With the Gold-Blue Game appraoching Saturday, that’s a good sign. 

“It’s been a tremendous change,” said Donahue. “If you think about it, we went from not knowing who the coaching staff was – knowing nothing about them, knowing nothing about their scheme, knowing nothing about what they’re about – to guys being completely bought in and building a relationship with these guys. It’s been a 180-degree turn-around, and I’m really proud of where we’re at as a team. I think the coaching staff has done a great job.”

Watch a complete interview with Donahue below: 

Defensive back Keith Washington thinks the progress the team has made is due to the culture shift happening within the program. 

“It’s very family oriented,” said Washington. “Even from just sitting in the dining hall, we mix it up, sit with other guys. We hang out with each other a little bit more outside of football activities. We’re just switching up different groups and things like that.”

Sophomore running back Leddie Brown says the competition has been high during his first spring with the team. 

“Everybody is trying to compete, and everybody is trying to better each other,” said Brown. “You just have to go out there and do what you have to do.”

Watch more interviews with wide receiver Sam James and offensive linemen Josh Sills and Michael Brown below: 

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