WVU football vets not concerned with “star power”

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Senior running back Kennedy McKoy may have overstated the obvious last week when he said there have been a lot of changes within WVU football since the 2018 season concluded.

Of course, there’s an entirely new coaching staff calling the shots now, as well as a drastically different look to the Mountaineer roster.

West Virginia lost 17 seniors last season, as well as several more players who have transferred or are in the transfer portal.

But McKoy says he isn’t concerned by what some may deem a lack of “star power.”

“I don’t really have too much to say about that,” said McKoy. “We’re putting in a lot of work this offseason. I see a lot of good things coming. There were a lot of changes that went on around here, and everybody is taking them well, so I see a lot of good things coming.”

Redshirt junior offensive lineman Josh Sills says the stars of last year’s team didn’t earn recognition or break records based on name alone. Each of those players, from Will Grier to David Long, worked hard every day.

“Last year, yeah, we had a lot of star power, but they didn’t rely on that,” said Sills. “They relied on hard work, their ability and their time they put on the field. So I wouldn’t necessarily call that star power – I’d call that hard work, dedication and determination.”

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